The New Church Ministry team is called to train, equip, assist, and multiply emerging and affiliating congregations and leaders.

Terrell L McTyer

Minister of New Church Strategies

Pastor Terrell L McTyer serves as the Minister of New Church Strategies for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. He works to teach, equip, assist and multiply leaders and congregations through New Church Ministry to increase missional efficacy and efficiency towards starting sustainable, world-changing churches and making disciples. His mission is to equip leaders to equip leaders. Terrell is a pastor, writer, speaker, mentor, coach, and musician that lives by the mantra, “It’s a sin to be good when God has called you to be GREAT!”

His leadership experience, skills and giftings include work in music, marketing, entrepreneurship, project management and more in the both corporate and non-profit sectors.

He comes from the Greater Kansas City Region where he was the founding pastor of Manifestation Christian Center. MCC was an innovative, cause-driven group of young people that steeply used technology and unique tactics for discipleship.

Joi Robinson

Associate Minister of New Church Strategies

Joi Robinson oversees the Coaching program for our ministry. In this capacity, she recruits and trains coaches that reflect the demand for New Church Ministry and the diversity of Disciples, walking alongside New Church pastors and leaders as they move through the various stages of the launch process. To help them remain on track and accountable for the goals they have set for themselves and their new faith community, Robinson matches New Church pastors and leaders with experienced coaches who – through prayer, encouragement, active listening, and strategic questioning – provide support as they encounter the various aspects of church planting.

Jose Martinez

Associate Minister of New Church Strategies

Jose Martinez serves as the Associate Minister of New Church Ministry.

He also created a ministry as an Incubate participant with the National Benevolent Association called StoryWagen. Additionally, he is co-planter of Multi Nation Christian Church, which is the largest and only Haitian Ministry in the Midwest for the Disciples of Christ and along with planting MissioKC Church. Co-vocationally, he is an endorsed Protestant Chaplain, at the 139th Airlift Wing in St. Joseph, Missouri and a chaplain with Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  

He has served in different capacities in ministry from the regional level to local congregations by bringing innovative and entrepreneurial ideas about the shifting paradigm of church. His mixture of talent, tenacity, and experience has helped him in all contexts of ministry, which was recognized by the Air National Guard in 2016 by awarding him the Samuel Stone award.  

Jose looks forward to bringing that same energy to his role as the Associate Minister of New Church Strategies and edifying the missional culture in the teaching, equipping, assisting, and multiplying of leaders within the CC (DoC) movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Wesley King

Program Coordinator

As the newest member on staff, Wesley King supports the ministry with administrative tasks including calendaring/scheduling, travel arrangements, reports, contacts, and project management, note-taking, expense processing, event logistics coordination, metrics oversite, research, and more.

New Church Coaches

Steven Smith, Joey Cotto, Esther Robles, Sandy Harvey, David Manuere, Rogelio Martinez, Chad Delaney, Martin Tapia, Soriliz Ramos, Francisco Ramos, Tony Rodriguez

Disciples Church Extension Fund Staff

Erick D. Reisinger


Jennifer R. Gallagher

Chief Financial Officer

William J. Singer, Jr.

Vice President

Rhonda J. Hopewell

Vice President

Theresa M. Schneider

Executive Assistant to the President & Corporate Secretary

Bethany Watkins Lowery

Director of Development

Kimberly A. Watkins

Annual Funds Manager

Deborah J. Williams

Director of Marketing – Production

Nadine A. Compton

Creative Writer/Digital Media Specialist

Glenda Survance

Information Systems Director

Michelle DeFields-Gambrel

Services Support Manager

Rosario Ibarra

Building and Capital Services Advisor – holy places grants