Leadership Academy brings together Disciples from throughout the United States and Canada every year to share leadership experiences, wisdom, and training.

This interactive learning experience features two track sessions: the Start Track, which is designed to empower leaders whose church/projects have not yet launched, and the Sustain Track, which is geared to empower leaders whose projects have recently launched and leaders of congregations newly affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Leadership Academy also features DOCTalks, joint sessions that address missional transformation inclusive of every stage of leadership and congregational vitality, and LEADLabs, interactive, practical trainings designed to help leaders imagine, ideate, innovate, and implement missional concepts. Past workshop topics included:

  • Team Development and Empowerment
  • Personal/Clergy Financial Practices
  • Inspiring Generosity and Fundraising
  • Congregational Budgeting and Bookkeeping
  • 20 Top Pre-Launch Steps
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style Using DiSC
  • Brand Building
  • Coaching
  • Church Law and Compliance

Past featured speakers included:

Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija, Founding Director of TryTank, the experimental laboratory for church growth and innovation. Fr. Lorenzo is responsible for the entire process of development and implementation of experiments in innovation for the church and spoke on how to improve ideation for faith-based initiatives. 

Tamara Plummer, Program Officer for Asset Recognition of the US Disaster Program at Episcopal Relief and Development. Tamara trained in facilitation, program planning, and leadership development and spoke about asset-based community development.

Maria French, Executive Director of Hatchery LA, an initiative of the Pacific Southwest Region. Hatchery LA is committed to developing and nurturing spiritual entrepreneurs who reimagine the role of faith in a rapidly changing world. As its Executive Director, Maria is passionate about moving into the future with a contextual faith that matters. She discussed spiritual entrepreneurship.

Rev. Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Rev. Hord Owens was elected as General Minister and President on July 9, 2017. Terri is widely sought after as a preacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. Her ministry and intellectual interests include cultural intelligence, and developing inclusive and multi- cultural congregations. She has conducted Leadership Academy’s closing commissioning service.