Disciples Church Extension Fund (DCEF)

DCEF awards Holy Places Grants for the acquisition of an initial long-term Place. The Holy Places Fund considers requests from emerging and affiliating congregations within the denomination who understand Place to mean ownership of real property or whose ministry provides for Place in other ways.

National Benevolent Association (NBA)

Serving as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)’s health and social service general ministry, the NBA partners with Disciples-related ministries, regions, and local congregations to create communities of compassion and care. Its Mission & Ministry Grants program utilizes purpose-restricted funds to provide grant funding for projects serving older adults and educating disenfranchised youth and young adults.

Pension Fund

Pension assistance

The New Church Gift Pension Program partners with new Disciples congregations by assisting new church ministers with Pension Plan membership. The program provides a 5-year gift to supplement the pension dues paid by a new church start. Applications are available from Pension Fund.

Mental health care for pastors

Pension Fund has recently partnered with Learn to Live to offer confidential mental health support at no cost to all active (non-retired) ministers. Learn to Live is an online resource for those who are living with stress, depression, sleeplessness, social anxiety and/or substance use. The self-paced online programs are available anywhere, anytime. Built on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) these programs have been proven as effective as in-person care. Optional one-on-one coaching with a clinician is included with the service. For those who do not already have a therapeutic relationship, this service is an accessible way to receive support for mental health.

All active pastors and their household members (age 13 and up) are able to access the service at no charge. The service is currently available in English and will be available in Spanish early next year.

Disciples Immigration Legal Counsel

Immigrant members and congregations can access immigration legal consultations, self-help resources, and legal updates through a part-time immigration attorney that serves the Church. Pastors can also take advantage of the representation provided.