You can’t serve your community if you don’t know it.

MissionInsite lets you do that. It’s a demographic program that has a community engagement solution designed specifically for faith-based and religious institutions called FaithConnect.

This solution allows New Church Ministry, regional churches within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and church agencies across the United States, to strengthen their organizations through powerful features like its PeopleView System, “a cloud-based technology platform that bridges the gap between data and decisionable information by answering the ‘where’ and ‘what about’ questions in your organization and community.”

Its new mission and church planting tools are particularly helpful to pastors looking to launch a new church. For example, Opportunity Scan identifies ideal locations that align with your demographic variables (race, gender, age, etc.). It also finds opportunities for collaboration based upon church locations and its own data results.

But how does it help with missional discovery?

It’s a user-friendly, geo-demographic mapping interface built on Google Maps technology. When you look at your MissionInsite map, it will visually present where members, donors, boundaries, housing developments, special programs, and the community at large are. Plus, you don’t have to worry about downloading software or hardware, maintaining additional licenses to purchase, or receiving specialized training. The interface can be used by as many people in your leadership team as needed.

This allows you to attract new members and launch a sustainable church.

In addition to its key features, MissionInsite incorporates various proprietary databases, such as:

  • The Mosaic USA: Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation for the United States
  • The Quadrennium Project by MissionInsite (a national religious survey of American beliefs, preferences and practices)
  • Epsilon TotalSource Plus™ household data
  • Simmons Consumer Behavior
  • PopStats (population and household estimates)
  • American Community Survey data
  • US Census Bureau data

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