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Patriotic Heresy: Addressing and Countering Christian Nationalism

Over the last several years, the United States has seen a rise in Christian Nationalism from local governments to members of Congress who have self-identified as Christian Nationalists. The mainline church has held the belief that Christian Nationalism is undemocratic, un-American, and even antithetical to the Gospel. However, the Church has not done a good job of countering these behaviors at an institutional level. Attend the first IMPACT webinar episode on August 23 at 3:00 PM EST as New Church Ministry is joined by two members of the Baptist Joint Committee to discuss the heretical dangers of Christian Nationalism and how Americans can help counter its presence in their local, state, and federal governments.


Georgia McKee
Digital Communications Associate

Georgia McKee, from Frisco, Texas, is the digital communications associate at BJC. She assists BJC’s communications teams with social media and content development, and she manages and runs the TikTok account for Christians Against Christian Nationalism (available at the handle @endchristiannationalism). 

A former BJC intern, McKee is a graduate student at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, working toward a Master of Divinity degree. She earned her B.A. in Faith & Social Justice from Belmont University. Previously, she worked for The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute and local political campaigns, and she co-founded Christian Athlete Circles.

Jaziah Masters 
Advocacy and Outreach Manager 

Jaziah B. Masters, originally from Dallas, Texas, is the advocacy and outreach manager at BJC. He coordinates a variety of education and advocacy efforts that educate, engage and empower BJC’s supporters, expanding the base of support for religious liberty.

Masters is a 2017 graduate of Baylor University, where he majored in political science. He earned his M.P.S. degree in the field of legislative affairs at George Washington University in 2020. Prior to joining BJC, he interned on Capitol Hill in the office of U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield. Masters also interned in the office of Texas state Rep. Helen Giddings, where he provided legislative and administrative support.


BJC and NCM endorsed resources


This curriculum informs a deeper dive into the dangers of Christian nationalism and is intended for churches and other small discussion groups.


This online statement provides a more accurate picture of how American Christians view Christian nationalism. It demonstrates common ground across the broad Christian family and can serve as a helpful resource for those combating the ideology of Christian nationalism and engaging in civil dialogue.


This letter is only for Texas chaplains to sign.


resolution that was passed at the 2023 General Assembly calling on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to denounce Christian Nationalism in all its forms, commit to educating Disciples on the societal and spiritual dangers of Christian Nationalism, and equip congregations and pastors with information and resources to faithfully oppose this cultural framework that fuses a radically exclusionary form of Christian supremacist identity with the political and civic participation of a nation’s citizens through the appropriation of Christian language and imagery to amass political power.



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