Learn.Explore.Actuate.Discover.Laboratories (LEADLabs) are interactive, practical trainings designed to help Leadership Academy participants imagine, ideate, innovate, and implement missional and sustainable concepts.

Unlike previous Leadership Academy events we’ve had in the past, this year we will be offering less LEADLabs, but they will be available on each day of the event.

This year’s workshops include:

First Things First: Three Financial Essentials for the New Church Planter

with Dee Long and Rev. Aaron Smith

This LEADLab session offered by Pension Fund of the Christian Church is to help the new church planter on the road to financial wellness. 

Pension Fund offers several tools that the church planter will find helpful such as a new church pension, parental leave, and Your Money Line for example.  

At the end of this session, the attendee will be equipped with practical next steps to prepare for their financial future.

Dee Long serves as the Church Relations Director and Rev. Aaron Smith serves as an Area Director for Pension Fund of the Christian Church.

“In the Beginning”: Building and Leading Communities with Creation and Neighbors in Mind

with Scott Hardin-Nieri

Description coming soon!

Scott Hardin-Nieri is partner, dad, spiritual director, pastor, and sojourner. He is the Director and Minister of Bethany Congregations and Co-Minister of Green Chalice of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with Rev. Carol Devine. Prior to living in North Carolina, Scott and his family served in the vulnerable cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. There he learned to how to climb Fig Strangler trees, spot Two-toed Sloths, call like a Mot Mot, and listen to people and nature in a new way. Scott is an ordained pastor with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and enjoys accompanying people during transformative experiences. This work is an expression of love and spirit as Scott continues to become aware of the deep connections among pollution, poverty, violence, racism, oppression, climate change and the spiritual brokenness in the world. He hopes to foster curiosity, listen deeply and tell stories of active hope and Good News in the midst of great challenges.  

The 4 Ps of LGBTQ+ Affirmation: Policy, Practice, Proclamation, and Publicity

 with Sara Nave Fisher

Bio, headshot, and description coming soon!

Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners: Starting a Church on a Dime and Using the Lean-Start Method

with Rachel Nance Woehler and Jose Martinez

Rev. Rachel Nance Woehler is a co-convener of Potluck Church in Madisonville, as well as a co-convener of the Kentucky region’s New Church Ministry Team and a new church planter trained through New Church Ministry’s Leadership Academy. She also serves as the West Area Regional Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky. Rachel was ordained in 2001 after graduating from Transylvania University (Bachelor of Arts in Religion) and Vanderbilt University Divinity School (Masters of Divinity). 

Started in 2013, Potluck Church is a micro-sized dinner church. We are a worshiping community that eats together to draw closer to Christ and to love one another. We practice an informal worship centered around a potluck fellowship meal and culminating in the Lord’s Supper. We read scripture in conversation, share our prayers, and support one another’s servant ministries and callings. In a nutshell, our time of worship is a potluck meal, potluck conversation, and communion with Christ. It’s a simple way of church rooted in a deep history of the open table.  

In 2019, our church was honored to be featured in Kendall Vanderslice’s book, We Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God. 

Description coming soon!