Looking for a video that can help you strengthen your leadership or community of faith? New Church Ministry has video resources to help.

The New Church Summit

As Disciples strategized about the future of the New Church Movement over the coming decade in light of current realities and next normals, Pastor Terrell L McTyer introduced his goal to make 1 million new disciples in a decade.

Water the Plants Prayer Summit

These virtual events, hosted by Rev. Dr. Joi Robinson (Associate Minister of New Church Strategies and Water the Plants Coordinator), allow supporters of the new church movement to gather together for fun, faith, and fellowship as they hear testimony from new church planters, pray together, and hear live creative performances such as spoken word or song.


At our inaugural event, attendees introduced themselves, showed off their prayerphenalia, including wristbands and keychains, and participated in a song by Rev. Dean Phelps, former interim regional minister of Kentucky.


The June event featured a short teaching on prayer from Rev. Dr. Martha Brown, a member of Disciples Church Extension Fund‘s board of trustees.

It also featured a spoken word performance from Rev. Yvonne Gilmore, Interim Associate General Minister and Administrative Secretary of the National Convocation.


As Rev. Dr. Joi Robinson remarked, the third and last Prayer Summit of the year marked a year since she began planning to host an event where supporters of new worship expressions could be heard from. We look forward to 2022 and many more opportunities to gather together!

The New Wave Pentecost Series

Has the reality of living through multiple waves of the novel coronavirus pandemic caused you to feel isolated and cut off?

If so, New Church Ministry and My SupaNatural Life invite you to view a video or two from our New Wave Pentecost Series, a series of powerfully interactive webinars where you can discover new ways of communicating the Word of God!

Exploring American Sign Language (ASL) in Communal Care

Our inaugural installment, which focused on expanding communal care for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, saw participants:

  • Learn ASL together as individuals and in groups
  • Explore new technological advancements that are allowing us to communicate with even more members of our global village
  • Identified ways to increase accessibility at home, at work, and in the world
  • Experienced a fun time engaging in creativity and community

Exploring Neurodiversity in Communal Care

Our second webinar, which was about neurodiversity, an umbrella term that describes a range of development and learning differences, saw attendees:

– Hear first-hand accounts from people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism
– Learn how wider society can better serve these neurodiverse communities
– Discover how to create spaces for open and honest conversations about what it’s like to live in a neurotypical world

Money Matters

Church planters and new worshiping community leaders: are you stuck behind the fundraising challenge? Hear the success stories of church planters/worshiping community leaders from various denominations at this ecumenical event.