Leadership Academy features three track sessions that allow participants to learn alongside fellow peers currently at the same stage in the church planting process, whether they’ve not yet launched their project, have recently launched it, or are leading an existing community of faith.

Start Track

(Pre-launch New Church)

The Start Track at the 2018 Leadership Academy.

In this cohort, participants will discern their missional purpose, develop their future stories, and prepare for launch. This track is perfect for the core teams of emerging church plants.

Have you ever considered what it would take to start a faith community? Have you ever felt called by God to start a church but don’t know where to even begin? If you are in this discerning process, join the DISCERNERS’ TRACK and learn what it takes. Register using DISCERN22 and only pay US $50 to audit the START TRACK. This option is ideal for those in undergraduate institutions who may feel the call to ministry, for our seminarians who are discerning what path God may be taking them down, or even our ecumenical partners who may want to imagine how their ministries might be shaped by this training.

*This coupon code may only be used individually, not as a team. Only those in the discernment stage may use this coupon code. Anyone who has a core team, a launch date, or has filed paperwork towards your 501c3 status is ineligible.*

Sustain Track

(Post-launch New Church)

During this cohort, participants will develop strengthening practices to grow and maintain sustainable ministry. This track is ideal for the core teams striving to scale and reach self-sustainability. 

Multiply Track

Established Congregations

During this new cohort, participants will explore methodologies in ministry innovation and employ disciple-making principles to develop healthy collectives which are not only growing and giving but going. This track is also perfect for program staff, boards, congregation/lay leaders, and clergy.