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Trauma-informed Church in Pandemic Recovery

Season 4, Episode 1

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST

These past few years have been very strenuous for our whole community. With issues on top of the pandemic such as police violence, the threat of war, and other collective traumatic experiences, the need to not only understand how trauma affects an individual’s spirit but how to walk alongside those who are experiencing the responses to trauma is crucial in today’s age. The term ‘Trauma Informed Ministry’ is becoming more commonplace for congregations. Utilizing the work from the field of Trauma Informed Care, this New Church Hacks episode:

  • Familiarized participants with the language of being trauma-informed 
  • Provided principles on how to help with trauma responses without retraumatizing individuals
  • Explored spiritual practices that help to center oneself in traumatic experiences, and
  • Shared how to form communities of care that are trauma-informed

The featured guests included Rev. Dr. Irie Lynn Session (Preacher at The Gathering: A Womanist Church), Rev. Dawn Bennett (Preacher Developer at The Table), and Joselyn Spence (Director of Mental Health and Wellness Initiative of the National Benevolent Association).

Stay tuned for our episode on children and youth ministry on July 27 at 3:00 PM EST!

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