It can be difficult for emerging and affiliating leaders and congregations to access the dearth of resources provided by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and other faith-based organizations that will assist them in guiding their churches. As the ministry that equips and assists these Disciples, New Church Ministry not only offers a variety of services such as training, webinars, and coaching, but it also makes general ministries and other religious organizations more accessible.

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment is an opportunity to explore God’s calling and direction in your life. 

The New Church Ministry team wants to walk with you on your journey to discern your calling. The activities we offer will help you “see” what God is doing and “hear” what God is saying to you.

Holy Places Grants

Disciples Church Extension Fund awards Holy Places Grants for the acquisition of an initial long-term Place. The Holy Places Fund considers requests from emerging and affiliating congregations within the denomination who understand Place to mean ownership of real property or whose ministry provides for Place in other ways.

Church Planters Assessment

During an hour-long conversation, we’ll explore your past performance, the best indicator for future performance as it pertains to new church planting and church growth.

Missional Discovery

Get to know your neighbors with MissionInsite, a demographic program that has community engagement solutions, including one designed specifically for faith-based and religious institutions. Let us help you find out if your church’s location aligns with your mission.

Pension Assistance

The New Church Gift Pension Program partners with new Disciples congregations by assisting new church ministers with Pension Plan membership. The program provides a 5-year gift to supplement the pension dues paid by a new church start. Applications are available from Pension Fund.

Disciples Immigration Legal Counsel

Immigrant members and congregations can access immigration legal consultations, self-help resources, and legal updates through a part-time immigration attorney that serves the Church. Pastors can also take advantage of the representation provided.