Secure a Firm Financial Foundation: Q&A

Secure a Firm Financial Foundation: Q&A

In “Secure a Firm Financial Foundation,” New Church Ministry’s last webinar of the year, host Terrell L McTyer and his featured guests explored what significant changes could revolutionize giving at your church.

Afterwards, they were joined by Lisa Pilat, Building Manager and Church Manager/Bookkeeper for a live question and answer period on Facebook Live.

Secure a Firm Financial Foundation: Webinar

Building a budget, eliminating debt, and investing your savings will help your community of faith build a solid financial foundation for long-term success. What simple but significant changes could revolutionize giving at your church? In this New Church Hacks webinar, we will:

– Discover how vision clarity gives your stewardship life
– Learn how generous leadership draws followers
– Construct pillars for financial success
– Understand the spiritual relationship between scarcity and abundance
– Celebrate what you have, not what you don’t

The episode’s featured guests included Belinda King (Building and Capital Services Advisor for and Vice President of Disciples Church Extension Fund), Bruce Barkhauer (Director of the Center for Faith and Giving), and Mike Mather (pastor of First United Methodist Church Boulder, Colorado and the author of Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places).

TechSoup at Leadership Academy

How can new churches implement social media, lighting, and more to serve their communities? For the Leadership Academy DOCTalk of the day, Terrell L McTyer, Minister of New Church Strategies, and his guests share their twelve hacks to transform your collective’s technology on Facebook Live.

Explore the Enneagram: Webinar

Hosted by Pastor Terrell L McTyer, Minister of New Church Strategies, New Church Hacks provides practical prompts for churches from start to restart. This free webinar series is jam-packed with clever solutions to tricky problems and empowers courageous leaders with the tools, tips and how-tos to start, sustain and strengthen congregations. 

Explore the Enneagram

The session was terrific!!! Thank you and the speakers. I am a 3w2, and “heard my heart called” several times.

Charlette Gallagher-Allred

The Enneagram is a personality type theory that argues nine different personality types exist in the world. It’s time to discover why it’s an effective tool to implement within organizations, ministries and workplaces. Bringing the Enneagram as a tool to use within your church increases the quality of communication among your team members.

The Enneagram’s surge in popularity among Christians has spawned an increased demand for resources from spiritual seekers hoping to identify and explore their personality types. In response, New Church Ministry invites you to join it on this exploration to:

  • Apply the principles of the Enneagram to your personal and spiritual growth
  • Strengthen successful relationships at home, at church and in the community
  • Develop leaders, build teams, and enhance communication skills
  • Integrate the Enneagram into your Bible studies, therapy sessions, retreats, and individual spiritual practice

The featured guests included Rev. Trey Flowers (Senior Pastor at Downey Avenue Christian Church), Christiana Rice (leading practitioner and visionary voice in the Parish Movement), and Rev. Kim Gage Ryan (Co-Director/Pastor of Bethany Fellows).

After the episode aired, New Church Ministry moved on to its Facebook page for a live Q&A with our episode’s guests, host, Assistant Minister of New Church Ministry Rev. Dr. Jose Martinez, and Disciples Church Extension Fund Creative Writer/Digital Media Specialist Nadine Compton.

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar in October!