April 15, 2020

Church leaders have their hands full trying to figure out new ways of being church together in this season of social distancing. They may also be looking for safe, innovative ways to respond to unprecedented needs in the community. What does it mean to “love your neighbor” in the midst of a pandemic and shutdown?

This free New Church Hacks webinar offers suggestions for how churches can foster a feeling of community and care for people when we literally can’t be close to them. Many of these ideas for reaching out beyond the congregation may help the church care for its own members more effectively as well. The discussion will help you:

– Learn to build a response team, identify assets in your congregation, assess community resources and needs
– Explore options for community ministry
– Inform and organize the congregation for your community care ministry
– Conduct worship online but also connect the dots in between services

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar, regardless of attendance.

New Church Hacks is a webinar series from New Church Ministry that empowers courageous leaders by providing clever solutions to tricky problems. Stay social with us using #NewChurchHacks!

Posted on April 15, 2020

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