“You gave us these bodies. And You called them good.” 

The line is from the song These Bodies by The Many. As Pride Month unfolds, AllianceQ invites individuals, churches, general ministries – every body – to wave the flags, dance, sing, (dance and sing in drag?), join in parades and protests, paint signs, Paint the World. Paint the World?

We hope the Church will color every corner of the world with beauty, hope, healing, and love. AllianceQ is grateful for this Pastoral Letter Addressing the Unjust Rise of Anti-LGBTQIA Legislation in the United States. We need allies to become accomplices. We need ministries to renew and deepen their commitments to Open + Affirming Ministry. We need your faith community to proclaim and manifest the welcome and affirmation of persons of all sexual orientation and gender identities and expressions. Begin the journey!

These actions embody Pride. Action says to me and to LGBTQIA+ siblings that you mean what you say. How will you and your faith community paint your part of the world for Pride with pride? 

You’re invited to join AllianceQ for a six-week series, “These Bodies,” drawing upon the same-named song. Drop in for one, some, or all of the virtual gatherings. Each week will stand alone, but we think you’ll want to build community and build upon the content. These community groups are held Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. ET and Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. ET beginning June 6 and 8. Missed the start? Not a problem!

Experience “Waters of Liberation” during Pride Worship on Sunday, June 25, as we celebrate every body and strive for affirmation, love, and liberation for all. This month, every month, always.

“Pride – and the fierce urgency for hope – must stretch beyond a single month, filling every single day and every single space with color”

August Laperche, from the Introduction to Colors of Hope: A Devotional Journal from LGBTQ+ Christians. Get your copy of Colors of Hope from Chalice Press!

Rev. Melissa Guthrie Loy, Executive Director and Minister of Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance

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